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Since 1938, community has been at the heart of everything we do at the Emil Anderson Group. 
Our name is one that is tied to the growth of British Columbia for over 85 years. Most will know us as builders and caretakers of vital highways, roads, and bridges. This is how we’ve made our name. But, today, we’re much more than that.

We’re a diverse group of builders. Driven by doing the work that makes a positive impact across the province. From the roads you drive on to the buildings and dwellings that make a community, we’re here to build what matters to BC.

As the Emil Anderson Group, we’re aligned around our core set of values that guide every project and every interaction. These values are lived out through our contribution to building the infrastructure of the future, driving innovation forward without sacrificing quality or safety. We’re proud of our extensive
capabilities, and aspire to be a project partner that contributes in a way that enriches the communities that we live and work in

For four generations, our family-owned company has been an example of progress and construction excellence in B.C., leaving an enduring impact on communities across the province. As we move ahead into our 86th year in business, our brand will continue to proudly reflect this heritage, honoring our roots while embracing the innovation and growth that Emil Anderson has come to be known for.

Over the next few months, we will share our story, showcasing the people, projects and stories that truly define what it means to be part of our own community and beyond.

We Are #CommunityDriven.